10 minute makeup

10 minute makeup

From bare faced to boardroom ready in 10 minutes

I don't wear a lot of makeup, however I do feel I need a little something when I go to the office. I feel more put together and it mentally separates the work day from other activities such as school drop off & playdates, during which time I rarely even bother with a swipe of mascara.

This is my routine; it might not work for everyone but it works for me. It allows me to be in front of the mirror for less than 10 minutes, however, as you will see below the entire process is probably closer to 15 minutes of time. 

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Step 1: Skin

Cleanse then moisturise. For day makeup I use a moisturiser with 30+ SPF to ward off the wrinkles and sun damage during the commute. If I am getting ready in the evening for a work event I usually use a moisturiser without SPF.

Next, and now this is key, I leave the mirror and attend to putting on my outfit for the day. This has two purposes: it allows the moisturiser to sink into my skin so the makeup goes on quicker and doesn't slide right off and means I am dressed before putting on makeup, thereby reducing the makeup on silk shirt debacle!

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Step 2: Complexion

Over the moisturiser I add a thin layer of primer (I use a light diffusing primer which helps it look like I've had a full night's sleep even when Thomas has been up 3 or 4 times). Next I mix a small drop of illuminator into my tinted moisturiser / light foundation and apply with my fingers (I find it quicker and easier than using a brush or sponge as the heat from the fingertips helps to blend the mixture into my complexion).

A quick dab dab of concealer - on any blemishes and a little under the eyes - and then I use a large fluffy powder brush to lightly cover my face in a radiant light reflecting setting powder (I use Hourglass, however there are many great ones on the market). I don't bother with blush or contouring (honestly, I have no idea how to do that!). If I am feeling a little under the weather I might apply a very small drop of the same illuminator and dab it on the outer corners of the under eye area, down along the ridge of my nose and on my cupid's bow (under my nose, above the lips). And that is the face done!

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Step 3: Eyes

No eye shadow, no liquid liner - that is all too time consuming! I use a kohl liner for the rims of my eyes (just a little and not too dark) then a swipe of mascara and, my most important addition after over-plucking my eyebrows during my early days at uni, a brow pencil to fill in my poor sparse eyebrows. No more, no less then its glasses on so I can see the computer screen.

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Step 4: Lips

Final step before I walk out the door - a striking lip. The rest of my makeup is very sparse so I like to add a little colour with a lip. A tried and true makeup "rule" is eyes or lip and not both. I, too, follow this rule and I find for work a strong lip works better for me than dark eye make up - I can add a little more colour, reapply during the day if I need a refreshen up. And the ease of a lip is that if you feel it is a little too much for a certain meeting you can simply wipe it off without ruining the rest of your makeup.

And that is it! Nothing special but simple, quick and office polished.

PS: this post is not sponsored - I just actually do all my makeup shopping at Mecca because it is convenient; there is a Mecca store 3 mins walk from my house and it is also easy online and I like their products. Oh, and Mecca is an Australian company and I love to support creative Australians :-)