#createorcredit: practical tips

#createorcredit: practical tips

Practical tips to follow the #createorcredit movement.

It is not always possible, or feasible, to dig through the whole of Instagram and find the original creator, I understand that. However the more people who credit images correctly, the easier it will become and the more it will become second nature. So, a few practical tips...

  • If you love a shot, check to see whether the person who has posted it has credited someone else as the creator. On Instagram, tag the creator or, on your website, provide a link to the creator's website or blog.

  • Perhaps an Instagram account you follow has simply stated "re-gram" from X. If so, go back to X's profile, find the photo and see if they have also re-gramed or credited the creator. Keep following the trail until you find the original image. Yes, it takes a little time, but it is likely to be less time than putting together the photograph in the first place so you are still winning the time race compared the image creator - create or credit!

  • If you have done a reasonable amount of research and still have had no luck finding the owner, make this clear, ask your followers to tag the image creator if they know who it is and if you subsequently find out, let that content creator know how much you appreciate their image. Alternatively, choose another image to post!

  • On Instagram, always, always tag the image creator in the caption, not in a later comment. Once a number of comments are made, earlier comments become invisible in the feed.

  • Pinterest is a difficult beast - it is really a platform made for sharing images that inspire. There is no easy fix for Pinterest, and I imagine it will take time before full credit to image makers is given correctly on this platform. In the meantime, do what you can - go back to the original webpage source of the photo and pin directly from there so the website is accessible to future pinners. Alternatively, add your own caption to the pin mentioning the image creator and a link to their social media or website.

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A change requires everyone to get behind what is right and do their best. Sometimes we will forget and post without credit. It is not ideal, however it is not a hanging offence either. Just try to credit the next time. Thank those that do credit, ask image creators if you can repost photos if in doubt, respect those profiles that specifically ask you not to repost their photos and do your best to find the image creator.

As for me, I am always happy for you to repost my Instagram images, but please, please tag my Instagram account {@catherinegraceinc} in your caption. I'd love to hear your thoughts, both those in agreement and those who disagree. Please feel free to get in touch

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